What is your passion? What are you passionate about?

Have you asked yourself this question before, or did someone ask you this question?

Are you following your passion? Are you doing the things you are passionate about?  

Why I ask these things? I believe when you follow your passion, you are motivated to do the things you do, because you believe in what you do, and it will contribute to living a fulfilling life.


What is passion?

Passion is a feeling,  a strong inner motivation, something you care about, something you believe in, something what is important for you. It is a desire  to do what you are passionate about and  connect with your values.

What you are passionate about, can be anything. It can be your work; to grow your own business; playing sport or music; working for a volunteer organisation; ensuring the best for your children; living your life with your love; helping others learn and develop; advocating for rights or a better world.  Everybody has his or her own passion, it is something individual, but as long as you follow your passion, this will contribute to having a fulfilling life.


What will happen if you follow your passion?

When you live your passion, you are aligned with your values, your beliefs, and what you care about. It gives a purpose and meaning to life. You are connected with your true self. You will be doing better in your job or personal life, you will be a nicer person to deal with, you will be motivating and inspiring others. You can come into a flow and forget about time. As you do the things you are passionate about, you achieve better results.


Are there obstacles when you follow your passion?

Following your passion does not mean there is no stress, no obstacles, no difficulties. These things are part of life, also when you follow your passion. You could face obstacles if the passion in your heart is not following the routine, or not socially accepted by others. You could be confronted with difficult decisions, which gives uncertainty and maybe you need to  take risks. Or you fight for a good cause and face resistance everywhere. Even though you are passionate, you may  fail on the way. The possible obstacles may even prevent you to follow your passion. Generally passion helps you to face the difficulties, to manage obstacles, to deal with stress and learn from failures. Because you believe in it and you are passionate, you tend not to give up, as you wish to do everything needed to achieve what you planned. With passion you are able to push yourself and keep yourself going to achieve your goals and succeed.


How to find your passion? How to follow your passion?

Maybe you are fully aware of your passion and living your passion.

Or maybe you have your work, your family life, your leisure time, but you feel you are missing something or you miss satisfaction.

So, how can you find your passion? There are some questions you can ask yourself, for example:

  • What do I care about?
  • What is important for me in life?
  • What gives me energy?
  • When I was a kid, what did you want to do when I would grow up? 
  • What are the times when I forgot everything around me? What was I doing?
  • What inspires me?
  • What am I eager to learn about?

Once you know your passion you may wonder what next steps to take to live your passion.


Would you like to discover your passion, or do you want to find out how to live your passion and what actions to take to have a fulfilling life? A coach can support you to find your passion, and explore how to live your passion by listening, asking the right questions, and dig deeper into what is really important for you, followed by helping you set your goals, plan your next steps and hold yourself accountable.


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