Consultancy For NGOs

Does your organisation need support, a specific advice, capacity building on the job, a consultant to work together on the organisational development, leadership and management skills, or specific technical assistance in the development of a specific program within the health sector? “Imarah Consultancy" aims to work together with the organisation, and build and develop together, with the aim to learn and develop for inidviduals as well as the organisation. These organisations can be  humanitarian and development NGOs, national or international,  governments and communities.


The main areas of expertise of Imarah consultancy are:

  • Adult learning and training;
  • Strategy development of the organisation;
  • Improving team performace, leadership and management;
  • Capacity building of new managers, country directors, or medical coordinators;
  • Health programs in general;
  • Health system analysing and strengthening;
  • Health needs assessments;
  • Program cycle management;
  • Community participation;
  • Facilitation of workshops; 
  • Team coaching and team development. 


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We build and develop together aiming at transformation and growth 

An example is the Project “Adult learning and training” with the international NGO  Medecins du monde in Iraq 2021. Based on an online learning needs assessment a training was developed, with a mix of in person training, online assignments in a learning management system and practical supervision in the field. The learners have been trained to be able to: identify learning needs; develop training materials adjusted to the needs, and train and supervise others effectively. The participants finalized their assignments, which consisted of an individual online knowledge test; the development of training manuals and supervision tools; facilitation of a training; and an individual self-reflection of learning. The participants produced, with support of the consultant, quality training materials and practical assessment tools, resulting into 12 training packages on a variety of topics. For me it was a great honour to work with the 26 learners from MDM, Doctors Aid Medical activities (DAMA),  Public Aid Organisation (PAO), Harikar NGO and the Directorate of Health from  Kirkuk, Ninewa and Dohuk governorates, who showed a great motivation, who were eager to learn, who came out of comfort zones, who tried new training methods, and enjoyed the success of it.

Medecins du Monde - Iraq 2021: Project adult learning - certificates group 1 

Some feedback from the learners:


“I have learned to evaluate myself and change the way of giving training when the participant lost attention”


“I have learned a lot of things, but the most important thing is: HOW to get out from the comfort zone.”


“I learned how the self reflection and feedback can improve my performance for the next time.”


“Thanks again for the wonderful training course. I have really enjoyed the training, and I really wish that this way of training be applied in every training we or others give. I only have words of thanks and gratitude. It was a pleasure meeting you and being a participant in one of your trainings.”


“I like your performance, humour, reactions as a tutor so this is how I will behave and adding to myself, you affected us in ourselves and even personality.”

Example consultancies

Medecins du Monde (MDM) - Iraq 2021: Project adult learning 

Doctors Aid Medical Activities (DAMA) - Iraq 2022: Strategy development  

Imarah Consultancy supported the national NGO Doctors Aid Medical Activities in Iraq, with the development of a 4-year strategy between April 2022 and September 2022. The first step was to establish a strategy working group, who was responsible for the process and final result.

Based on a desk review, a joined  context and needs analysis, assessing the external and internal environment, a SWOT analysis  and a strategy workshop with the representatives of different department within DAMA, the DAMA strategy for 2023-2027 has been developed.

The DAMA strategy will guide the direction and DAMA programs in future as well as planning the further development of DAMA as an organisation. It was an honour to have had the opportunity to work with such a motivated team, who is eager to learn and develop, aiming to support the people in Iraq.

Doctors Aid Medical Activities (DAMA) - Iraq 2022: Strategy development - workshop
Doctors Aid Medical Activities (DAMA) - Iraq 2022: Strategy development - workshop 2
Doctors Aid Medical Activities (DAMA) - Iraq 2022: Strategy development - group picture

International Rescue Committee (IRC) - Iraq 2022:

Health needs assessment and health strategy advice   

A health needs assessment was conducted in July and August 2022 by Imarah Consultancy for the international NGO International Rescue Committee. This included a desk review, collecting secondary data, reviewing MOH policies, discussions and interviews with IRC program team; meetings with the Ministry of Health (MOH) in Baghdad; meetings with the directorate of health (DOH) in Kirkuk, Ninewa and Anbar; meetings with UN agencies, INGO and NNGOs active in health. Primary data were collected through a “community health needs assessment”, with the aim to gain an understanding of the perceived health needs and priorities in the community as well as the community suggestions and identified strategies to address the health needs. 46 focused group discussions (FGDs) with 380 community members have been conducted in the  6  locations in Iraq  with 201 females and 179 males, while 69 participants (35 females and 34 males) were people living with a disability or caretakers of a person living with a disability.

The preliminary results of the health needs assessment was presented during a 2-day strategy workshop followed by discussions and group work to jointly determine the priority approach and direction for the IRC health strategy, which finally resulted in an advised health strategy. 

Medecins du Monde - Iraq 2021: Project adult learning - certificates group 2 




Oxfam - Iraq 2022:

Training on Facilitation skills for facilitators and project staff   

The intrenational NGO Oxfam in Iraq has launched the Masarouna program aiming at supporting young people’s advocacy to achieve their Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR). In a context, where securing Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR) is challenging, the Masarouna “Our Pathway” program mobilizes the power of young people, for collective action to support their fight for greater freedom of choice and respect for their SRHR.

“Imarah Consultancy” with support of trainers from Doctors Aid for Medical Activities (DAMA) training centre,  designed and conducted trainings on facilitation skills for facilitators and project staff between November and December 2022.  For facilitators within the Masarouna program the facilitation skills  were focused on effective sessions concerning “sexual reproductive health and rights” with young people.

Imarah consultancy started with a  learning needs assessment through a survey with facilitators, observation of facilitated sessions, and interview with the partners NGOs. This resulted in the design the training to improve facilitations skills which included communication skills, creating a safe leraning  environment with respect to culture and gender, facilitation skills and methods, aligned with the needs of the Masarouna project in Iraq. The training focused on practicing facilitation skills, supported by guided self-reflection and feedback from peers and trainers. A total of 45 facilitators and 9 project staff have been trained.

Oxfam - Iraq 2022: Training on Training Facilitation skills for facilitators
Oxfam - Iraq 2022: Training on Facilitation skills for facilitators - group picture
Oxfam - Iraq 2022: Training on Facilitation skills for facilitators
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