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One to one life coaching - Imarah consultancy

All coaching will follow the standards and ethical principles set up by the professional association

“International coaching federation” (ICF).

Where are you in life today? Maybe you ask yourself, what is the meaning of my life, what is my purpose in life, what do I want to do with my life? You may have your personal goals, your plans and you may have been dreaming of your ideal future, and you don't you don’t know how to get there. Maybe you  are at a major crossroad  in your life, and you do not know what choices or decision to make. Maybe in your heart you know what choices to make, but your mind tells you, “One day , I will do that”, or “Yes, this is a good idea, but….”.  Perhaps you experienced a major life event, with which you are struggling, and you feel stuck.

Perhaps, you have a wonderful job, you are passionate about, but the workload is high, it is difficult to say no, and you become tired, you have no time for relaxation and feel stress. Maybe you feel stuck, overwhelmed, paralyzed to come to an action.

Perhaps you decided it is time for a change, but you have not yet come to a next step or action.  Something is holding you back.

Maybe it is the unknown, not knowing the consequences of choices, and the fear of the unknown, which is holding you back. Or you feel the time is not yet right, because you miss the skills, or the confidence in yourself.  There are sometimes big choices in life to make, about work, personal life, moving to another place, moving abroad, relationship, which give food for thought and uncertainty. 


For humanitarians and NGO staff living in another country, another culture, and a complex context, life has its own specific challenges.  Many humanitarians work far away from home and their loved ones, where bad internet connections give challenges in communication and keeping in touch with home. Work and private life are often interrelated, where you might be living on a compound together with your colleagues. In the remote area where you are working, with limited internet connection, you might need to adjust your eating habits, your hygiene habits, your relaxation habits and more.  Security rules may restrict your movement, which can prevent the opportunity, for sports, outings, and meeting friends outside of work. You may discover that you need to adapt more than you expected, or your patience is being tested.  You may be affected by witnessing the suffering, the poverty, the trauma of the people in the community you are working. The work and environment might be overwhelming, and maybe you miss home.


In all these situations life coaching can support you. Life-Coaching is for anyone who wants to learn, change, develop and grow in life, with the aim to reach your personal life goals, and live a well-balanced fulfilling life. Coaching is an intensive process, where the coach will help you to explore who you are, what do you want, what are your passions and the dreams you want to fulfil, what do you want to achieve in life, and what steps you can take. A Coach will not give you the answers but will help you to discover your own answers. Coaching is all about you, your thoughts, your ideas, who you are and creating a space to explore that. I will ask you questions, with your permission, to dig deeper into who you are and what is important for you, your ideas, but also help to create new perspectives.

Together we will discover your life goals, your values, what is important for you, your life journey, the steps you want to take on the road of life, to achieve your life goals, overcome the challenges in life, manage stress and achieve a balanced and fulfilling life.


As professional certified coach I can support you to:

  • Help find your purpose, meaning, and passions in life; 
  • Identify and understand your own personal life goals;
  • Be true to yourself;
  • Focus on personal growth and development;
  • Create harmony between work and personal life;
  • Improve self-confidence;
  • Make the best decisions for yourself and your loved ones;
  • Improve resilience and coping with challenging situations;
  • Decrease stress level, and cope with stress;
  • Manage change;
  • Improve self-awareness, including awareness of own strengths;
  • Make the changes in life you wish;
  • Plan actions to achieve our life goals;
  • Connect with yourself, to live a balanced, fulfilling, healthy life.


Coaching is an opportunity for personal learning, growth, development, and change. It is focused on you as an individual, your hopes, your dreams, and your goals. Life coaching can help you achieve your life goals and realize your dreams. Small steps towards your goals, can be a start of big changes, with the aim to get the best out of life. Coaching means work though, it is a journey by itself, your own unique journey.  

As a professional certified coach, I am here to  facilitate the process by listening, asking powerful questions, support exploring different perspectives, give feedback, in a safe and supportive environment.  

In the  coaching process, I use a solution focused approach, focusing on  finding solutions, building on strengths, and finding a positive way forward. Together we will  focus on your self-discovery, potential, using your own talents, strengths, qualities, and resources to make the changes to live the life you want to live.

Imarah Consultancy offers one-to-one life coaching for humanitarians and NGO staff, but also for anyone who wants to find purpose and direction in life, or who is  thinking about a big change in life, and will benefit from one-to-one life coaching.




One to one life coaching - Imarah consultancy

Coaching for change. 

Are you ready to make a change, identify your life goals and find your journey towards these goals?